Friday, October 19, 2012

New House!

 After waiting 2 months for the lawyers and bankers to hash it out, we finally closed on our new house. It is in a fabulous location 25 minutes from my husband's job, and near a huge mall with everything anyone could ever want. Plus several local yarn stores nearby! It is in a part of town near a forest and there are great walking trails, but there is a Starbucks 2 miles down the road.
 The original kitchen was laid out in a most unusable way, at least for the way I like to work, with the stovetop jutting out at an angle right where the counter should be left clear. Peter is spending this week demolishing this so we can re-do it entirely.
The powder room is also going to be changed. In fact, we will put hardwood floors down and re-paint the place also.

The livingroom and diningroom will become my studio. I haven't quite figured out how I will arrange it, but there is a great deal of space there!

We will remove the wall unit in the family room and use that as our living room.It is right off the eat-in kitchen, so will be a great space for parties.There is also a deck with a grill right off the family room!
 The basement is huge and has a bathroom and a kitchen, so it will be excellent for Peter's lab and a guest room. I hope to host many visitors eventually!
 The master bedroom is also huge, but strangely has only one closet ( with a window!). I might use that for yarn storage and add another closet for clothes. And we will put down oak flooring up here.
Here is another shot of the basement which will be re-carpeted and host Peter's stuff. There is a cedar closet and a huge boiler room for additional storage.
We are very excited about customizing this house, and finally getting our belongings out of storage!
And, probably we will keep the blue theme going...( you noticed that, right?).


Sue Dennis said...

The house looks great Jeri and with the renovations will be even better- home sweet home.

Diane in Chico said...

A blue house. Of course!

Congratulations, and best wishes for a smooth transition.

Bard Bloom said...

I'm glad to hear that you got somewhere wonderful to live! I am still in awe of, and in love with, 8 Hollywood.
-- Bard

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for life in your new home. It looks like it is a wonderful place to live. Anyway, I still miss you.
Carole Hoffman