Friday, February 25, 2005

Here I am in the final result: a very warm and comfy vest. With only one pocket.

Here is a closeup: I meant COLORS!!

Here is my lovely dyed Rayon Chenille: Colors are great, but dreadlocks resulted! It took 8 hours to untangle this skein--and I had 3 of them! Luckily family helped.

Here is my most recently completed quilt " Kitty in the Sky in Sapphire", for the Northern Star Quilters Guild Challenge. ( ).The quilt won a cool ribbon 3rd place for Whimsy. The whole Challenge exhibit ( 31 quilts!) will go to Lancaster QHC in April, and then to the NSQG show April 30, May 1st 2005

Climbing aboard the bandwidth

Well, I decided to jump into the fray. It might be a side effect of the cortisone in my neck facet joints, or perhaps frustration at how slowly my webmaster( who is a very busy but delightful guy) gets around to updating my website (, but I wanted to post NOW. Photos. Hope I can figure out how to do this before my typing limit is reached. My repetitive strain disorder has kicked in, so I must sneak my movements under the fleshy radar for a few weeks.
Anyway, Hi!