Sunday, March 13, 2005

This fabric strip knitted purse is lined with the fabric I used to make the strips.

These are the backs of the purses showing how the yarn part goes down the back and serves as the flap.The front of the purse is fabric, and the handles are basically I-cord.

Here are my fabric strip/novelty yarn purses. I had fun making two of them, from fabric I had that seemed to coordinate with yarn in my stash. I cut the fabric( about a yard or less) into 1/2 inch wide bias strips with my rotary cutter, and sewed the ends of them together on my machine to make smooth joins. I had funknitting them up and found the combo to be interesting. Of course I got bored after 2 of these, and was disappointed to find kits of precut strips in the local discount store. So much for original ideas! LOL...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I finally finished my first real sweater!! I've made some vests, but when I found the Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater by Pamela Costello at I loved the whole concept and just had to try it. It is knit top down , on circular needles with no seams! So,you can try it on as you go! In the middle of making it on my Addi Turbos I acquired a set of Denise needles, and I just adored how I could snap together sections of cord to try on the sweater as it was being made, without having to slide the whole thing onto yarn and then back onto needles. That made the entire process a complete pleasure.The pattern is brilliant, and allows for complete customization, suiting my style of making stuff up as I go along. The yarn was Schaefer Yarns Elaine, 99% Merino wool and 1% nylon, and miracle of miracles ( to me!) it is not itchy! In fact, this is the first wool sweater I've ever owned, being phobic about wool since infancy. My mom tells the story of me screaming and flailing about as an infant in a new wool garment--and I refused ever towear it again. Now, at 49 years old, I have discovered the pleasure of Merino wool. And I'm hopelessly addicted...

This sleeve thrilled me with the pattern that unfolded as I knit it in the round. I just loved the zig zag of it. As I decreased to taper the sleeve, the pattern naturally fragmented out of the coherence of that section, and reverted to the quasi random patterning of the rest of the sweater. I love how the other sleeve has a similar but not identical section in the same place.

Here is a better photo of my moebious scarf. I actually made this last year, and it is knit of Berroco Chinchilla Bulky, in the natural color, then dye painted with procion dyes. I knit it the short way and joined the ends with a twist .It is soft and silky and wonderful to wear.

As you can see, my cat loves my knitting! Here she is comfortably getting cat hair all over my rayon chenille vest. Wonder why she doesn't like the scarf next to it?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

This is a Torah cover I created in 4 hours the day before my son's Bar Mitzvah in May, 2003. It measures 26" X32", and is designed to tie around the Torah, and to serve as a temporary cover only.

This is a detail of the center. It is paper-pieced in sections. I drew the design on freezer paper with a ruler, and used it for my pattern and templates.

Here is the quilting on the back--simple and quick. Using puffy polyester batting made it easy.

Here is the detail of the quilting on the back, showing also the attached ties.