Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Column of Leaves

So here is the second "Column of leaves" sweater I have knit. I just love this one, especially because I found a way to represent the elements of the lace pattern graphically, so I could figure out how to upsize it and keep the design details intact. Representing it in 5 sizes was a fabulous exercise in geometry and engineering, and I was really thrilled that it worked out!
I love how the back flows organically into the collar:, leaving just a tiny seam at the center back neck.

And I also love how the V neck preserves the design of the lace pattern as it evolves upward:
Figuring out how to make that work while sizing it was dependant on learning the Knit Visualizer ( http://www.knitfoundry.com/ ) software, and thanks to urging from my friend Elizabeth, I finally read the manual! Duh! Great software, very addicting and fun to use.
Now I'm in the midst of writing up my top Down Celtic Raglan sweater, so it is gratifying to have all of this software capability and be able to see this evolve. When my speedy and marvelous test knitters are done, I plan to publish this pattern on Ravelry...