Friday, August 25, 2006

Pamela Ties

This marvelous tie was given to me by Pamela Allen at the IQA show in Houston in 2003: can see more of them here:

Fiberart For A Cause Postcards

I I decided to spend this week making some postcard sized quilts for the upcoming show and sale of fiberart postcards in Houston this year. Fiberart For A Cause: Supporting the American Cancer Society See: for more information and the story behind this amazing project. Mine used hand dyed velvets, dupioni silk fused to Timtex and stitched with various threads. The fortunes are from fortune cookies I've gotten over the last few years, which I've saved for just this kind of project. I made a bunch of them , and am getting ready to send them in!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Global Warning

Global Warning". 30x30in. After seeing thedevastation of a tornado on the Saw Mill Parkway, watching Al Gore's movie. "An InconvenientTruth" and freaking out about the hurricanes and Katrina, plus the energy crisis, this quilt jumped into mystudio.I used a piece of fabric which I'dsoy wax-batiked and dyed in a weekend retreat with Melanie Testa andElizabeth Poole, and some spiral quilt blocks to represent tornados andhurricanes, but it needed something.My friend Jill's husband gifted me with a human skull he had acquired in medschool, which he decided he didn't want any more. As it is illegal to sellskulls ( apparently), I was thrilled to take it home. I wrapped it inclothes and carefull packed it into my carry-on luggage ( this was Aug 1st,well before the current restrictions, luckily). The face of the cute guybehind the xray scanner was hilarious to watch--his eyes widened as heasked, in hushed tones: "Is that a real human skull!?!" I looked him in theeye and said "Yes; it's ok: I'm a doctor, it is for teaching ".He let methrough without protest.The image of Mr. Skull was exactly what I needed for this piece, so I photographed him and projected the image onto the quilt top.He is quilted in black thread..