Monday, September 18, 2006

Luminosity Blues Detail

Here's a detail for you, Emily! The quilting is functional, but not so beautiful. I'm lazy! LOL.
Thanks for the comments! I love working with Paula Nadelstern's fabric. The colors and textures are marvelous.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here is the back of the blue quilt; I used a very busy stripe, so you can't really see the quilting, but I like the whole color scheme, so it works for me!

Luminosity Blues

My collection of blue fabrics begged to become another Luminosity quilt. I used as many of the Luminosity by Paula Nadelstern ( ) fabrics as I could find, plus a few from my stash that seemed to work in the design. I quilted it basically the same as the original one; arcs in the "plain" diamonds, and outlining motifs in the star sections. A fun quilt to make! I enjoyed teaching a workshop on this design at Clamshell Quilters Guild in Waterford, Connecticut last month, and was thrilled to see how each person brought her own ideas to personalize her quilt.