Thursday, September 22, 2005

Diagonal Sweater Number 2 is on me, and I'm standing among 3 of my recent quilts at the opening of The Salon Seven show, May 2005.

Here is a shot of the starting triangle, which is at center back. The markers show you where the "spines" are--which indicate the increase points. I have not begun to add the fronts yet.

Here I've laid the thing out on the floor with labels so you can see the progress of it.The loose yarn is at the center back starting point.

Here I've knitted a bunch and tried it on. You can see how the point in the back grows...

Here is the point where you have divided for sleeves ( leaving them on holders) and continue working on the body of the sweater.

Here is a view of the nearly finished Diagonal sweater.The Left sleeve isn't completed yet. I kept the sides diagonal instead of finishing off the triangles, and it is fun to wear!