Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Now that the end of 2013 is upon us, I realize I have been neglecting my blog and I can't believe it! My New Year's Resolution will be to blog more frequently!
So much has happened this year, and the next one looks like a year of change also. Through it all I've knit steadfastly through all crises, as Elizabeth Zimmerman recommended.It has been helpful! I released my pattern for the above vest, called "Vestborough" in December,on Ravelry here:
 and I have enjoyed knitting this myself in several different colors and yarn weights. You can knit it also, if you wish, and I would love to see your results!
Meanwhile, I spent many months trying to ameliorate the diabetic condition of my cat, and after six months of PZI insulin injections and blood sugar checks, it seems that for him, the solution was to feed him Fancy Feast Classic catfood ( zero carbs) exclusively, 4 times a day, ( every 6 hours!)and no other food except occasional dried chicken breast treats. After months of this, his sugars were all normal, and we cautiously tapered off the insulin. His neuropathy resolved, and he is back to jumping up on the table and playing with the kittens. No more dry catfood for him!
So we are very relieved.ANd looking forward to a new year!
Wishing all of you Happy Holidays!