Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scarf Riot

And now, just in time for Holidaze, I present two scarves. Both are one-skein salvations...

Scarf One: Loop Scarf:

You make the loop first, and then knit until you run out of yarn.:100 yards worsted weight yarn, size 8 needles ( approx gauge 4.5 /inch for a 6 inch wide scarf) Cast on 14 stitches. Knit until strip is 8 inches long. Curve the strip around until you can stick the tip of the RH needle into the corner edge of the cast on , and pick up 14 stitches along the cast on edge, making now 28 sts on needle.Knit until you almost run out of yarn ( leave about a yard remaining) and then bind off.This one I actually made in Misti Alpaca Chunky, and used 10 stitches for the loop and 20 for the body, and Double Moss Stitch, but the principle is the same. You can also slip the last stitch of each row and knit the first stitch for a nicer edge.

Scarf Two: Sparkly Triangle Scarf.

Uses one Skein of Artyarns Ensemble with Beads and Sequins, ( 128 yards) size 11 needle.

Cast on 3 sts;
Row 1: Kfb,knit to last stitch,kfb. Repeat row until almost out of yarn ( about 4-6 yards left).
Stretchy Bindoff: K2,* knit these 2 together thru back loop( insert tip of LH needle into front of the two sts as if doing SSK). Knit one. Repeat from *to end. Weave in ends. Enjoy!