Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sweater experiment

As I described a few posts ago,I was designing a circular sweater similar to Sandra McIver's Swirl, but knit from the body out to the edge.After finishing the knitting of the body, I washed it and blocked it, which smoothed out the welting and made it much larger and drapier. I knew the Silk Garden yarn would stretch with blocking, so I needed to check the length before knitting the sleeves. Here it is tried on before adding sleeves:

I think the length is good for a short person like myself! Final bindoff row had 380 stitches.

Here it is with the sleeves added. A very warm and comfy sweater, just the thing for these frigid months!

I used 2 colorways of Silk Garden, 354 and 337, but I don't think there is enough blue..I may have to make another one....

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Studio Storage Set-up

I had to move all of the boxes out of the studio and into the office temporarily so I could set up the shelving. Who needs the gym when you can carry one box at a time across the house over and over? One box is about all I can lift, but it was good exercise. Then I took a nap. Here is how it looked this morning:

 100 boxes.
I still have room on top for 20 more boxes, as the space is exactly 2 boxes high, which I will arrange later. I was worried about the light, but the window near the sewing machine and ironing board provides plenty of eastern light much of the day, even in this snowy weather. I may have to protect the fabric on that side with some curtains, although I enjoy being able to look out at the trees. I may put UV-blocking film on the window. I am pleased that the storage capacity is what I envisioned, but probably over time I will need to take all the fabric out of the boxes and organize it as I use it and rummage thru searching for just the right piece for projects. The design wall will be the next thing to set up. Peter scored some pinnable office-cubicle panels from work ( you can see a small one leaning against the wall) and we plan to construct a pinnable design wall on the opposite side of the room from the shelving. Meanwhile, I have gotten very inspired by The Tentmakers of Chareh El-Khiamiah . Fantastic! Here is the link: http://www.chareh-elkhiamiah.com/
   They are a group of Egyptian artists making amazing appliqued works. A film about them is in the works, and you can help fund this fantastic project here: http://www.pozible.com/project/14350 . Several of the artists will be coming to AQS quilt shows in the USA this spring ,and I hope to be able to meet them and see their work . Well, back to sorting and organizing! I hope you are enjoying this day.