Friday, June 23, 2006

Purple Peacock lace

Here is the start of the next raglan lace cardigan, in Purple silk. I played around with some lace patterns I liked, and came up with this design, which works nicely at 10 stitch repeat with 24 row repeat. I think I'll end it with points also. Now to find the perfect beads for it. I might have to go shopping.
I use a lot of markers, finding it more relaxing to have a marker for every pattern repeat, even though by now I can read the knitting. Much easier to keep track of the increase sections this way also, and less counting if I make a mistake.
After the first repeat, I changed the pattern to make the feathers more defined. I love how the raglan "seam" shows as a solid bar where I incorporated the pattern stitches as I went along.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cropped Cardigan

I finally finished my Cropped Cardigan, in Great Adirondak Silk, 2 skeins, from the pattern by Ann Cannon-Brown and Michelle Ciccariello here:

I modified the pattern some, doing the raglan increases a bit differently to incorporate more of the lace pattern, and not switching lace on the sleeves. I loved doing the points on the hems, adding 3 triangle beads at each point, and crocheting along the edge so I didn't have to break the yarn at each point.

I plan to add some buttons to the front, but haven't found the right ones yet.

This yarn is so luxurious to knit with, I had to rush out and get more. I cast on for another sweater, which I plan to make longer, and used a different lace motif for the sweater. More later!