Friday, March 03, 2006

Finished Olympic sweater

Well, better late than never! I finished sewing in the zipper and darning in a few ends last night, so here is my finished sweater. 3weeks-not bad from buying the yarn to wearing it. The design was an intricate set of calculations and lots of fun to create especially watching the yarn colors unfold. I guess I'm easily entertained. Now I'm thinking about the next project..but want to finish my blue alpaca sweater and a few other ufos...and maybe a hat from leftover Unikat yarn... and then there is the yummy silk/mohair yarn I got at the Iris Schreier workshop I took last weekend. I love being able to use different modular techniques whenever it suits me. No-rules knitting rules!!


Mrs. Mel said...

This took my breath away!!!! I adore this sweater. YOU are a genius!!
More exclamation points!!!

I must knit immediately.

your said...
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:-D eirdre said...

You look great in that new sweater! I LOVE THE COLORS and THE DESIGN

Great job - its beautiful!

Lorr said...

Gorgeous sweater and pattern says you've haven't fallen far from quilt patterns. Genius.

Faye-Merrill said...

Jeri there is nothing you're not a genius at; the sweater is fabulous.

What I think is hilarious is knowing the final outcome of the silk/mohair yarn. it is unbelievable. Ha.

Besides that, Jeri has "Golden Hands", what my grandma called someone of great talent with their hands. She truly respected such people, and taught me as well as she could, but Jeris' level is not ordinary at all. She is a brilliant knitter, as she is also crochet artist, & bead artist. Quilter.

She works very hard pushing the envelope and I want to say this on her very public blog. Faye-Merrill Geller
There is nothing she really can't do but as she matures her work has become incredible and I am honored to watch her and call her my friend.