Monday, May 01, 2006

Studio Tour Results

Well, the tour is over, and I'm really tired, but it was a huge amount of fun. Over 55 people came to my studio this weekend, in conjunction with a studio tour of 50 artists in my local area, and I sold a couple of hand-dyed scarves and some beaded jewelry. Many people were interested in the quilts, and enjoyed looking at the book of the journal quilts that I laid out, and the large quilts that I put on stands in my living room. One or two people were interested in maybe purchasing one of the journal quilts, and they took my card,so you never know. I did find that smaller works or things that could be impulse- purchased seem to sell better, and according to the artists I spoke with at the wrap-up pot luck dinner they had the same experience. One thing I really enjoyed was giving a mini tutorial of techniques to several people who were quilters and interested in how I create my works, and that was a good chance to practice some teaching techniques. I took the opportunity to clean my studio and found a lot of paperwork and old ideas that had become buried in the layers of junk on my desk, so now I have a nice clean studio and lots of new ideas to get started in my next phase of creativity. It's nice to be able to share my work with the community, and to open people's eyes to the possibilities of the fiber format. I would recommend participating in or even spearheading something like this in your community. You never know what will come of it and it is a lovely opportunity to network and to meet people you wouldn't ordinarily get to know. Someone even left her glasses as a testimony of the impact the work made on her. I hope she took my card--not everyone left contact info on my sign-in roster...

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