Friday, June 23, 2006

Purple Peacock lace

Here is the start of the next raglan lace cardigan, in Purple silk. I played around with some lace patterns I liked, and came up with this design, which works nicely at 10 stitch repeat with 24 row repeat. I think I'll end it with points also. Now to find the perfect beads for it. I might have to go shopping.
I use a lot of markers, finding it more relaxing to have a marker for every pattern repeat, even though by now I can read the knitting. Much easier to keep track of the increase sections this way also, and less counting if I make a mistake.
After the first repeat, I changed the pattern to make the feathers more defined. I love how the raglan "seam" shows as a solid bar where I incorporated the pattern stitches as I went along.


:-D eirdre said...

Hey Jeri - I get the feeling that you LOVE purple and blue - might I be right? LOL

colin said...

I very much like your colour choices here and in the cropped cardi.
The world is pretty much your oyster when knitting for women! Most men are so conservative when it comes to knitwear!

Phideaux Xavier I said...

lovely blue spider web on your sofa. how will you manage to get it out. perhaps the cats will help.

great blog, i've learned so much and will continue to do so. more publishing!

much love a fan of your fantastic eyework