Sunday, September 10, 2006

Luminosity Blues

My collection of blue fabrics begged to become another Luminosity quilt. I used as many of the Luminosity by Paula Nadelstern ( ) fabrics as I could find, plus a few from my stash that seemed to work in the design. I quilted it basically the same as the original one; arcs in the "plain" diamonds, and outlining motifs in the star sections. A fun quilt to make! I enjoyed teaching a workshop on this design at Clamshell Quilters Guild in Waterford, Connecticut last month, and was thrilled to see how each person brought her own ideas to personalize her quilt.


Emily said...

That is beautiful! Show us a close up--pretty please?!

Melissa said...

This is just unbelievable!
The color transition just using two colors really is wonderous. Now, how would I use this color ground reversal idea in knitting? Hmmmmmm.