Thursday, August 14, 2008

Side to Side Sweater

Ah, summer. Hot and sticky. But sometimes I want to wear a sweater, and so far everything seems too hot. I thought it might be interesting to knit with Ariel, a dk cotton/rayon blend, but on larger needles and produce a light, airy sweater, so I cast on 27 sts with size 10 1/2 double pointed needles, and proceeded to knit a sleeve. I liked how the fabric was coming out, so I increased 2 sts every inch or so until I reached 47 sts at the armpit, then cast on another 47 stitches to knit the sides. By casting on both sides of the needle, I could knit up the side, around the arm and down the front. I knit about 6 inches, then divided for the back neck, and did some decreasing to make a V neck in front. When I had half a body, I cast on for the other sleeve, and likewise knit merrily along. Finally, I did a 3 needle SSK bind off ( to preserve the stretchiness) and then arrived at the top back neck. I crocheted scallops of 5dc around the fronts and bottom edge, arriving at the back neck. At this point I thought it might be nice to close with 2 crocheted double bobbles, so that is what I did. A very light, airy sweater, perfect for summertime. I used around 580 yards, or most of 4 balls.( 160 each). Here is another photo taken by my artistic son Bobby:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful airy sweater! Perfect for the late August temperatures! I love the way you approach your knitting: design as you go technique! Very creative! You have my undivided admiration!

Elizabeth said...

Hi there Jeri,
Loved, loved, loved the new sweater . . . why no picture on the blog yet? It was wonderful to see you yesterday! BTW, I agree completely with "anonymous B". You ARE the knitting goddess!

Loued007 said...

I LOVE this sweater - I'm not much of a sweater person. But I would wear this one!!!