Friday, December 12, 2008

The Joy of Sox

Just look at these beautiful, perfect, wonderful and lovely socks! They were knitted for me by my dear friend Elizabeth Rosenberg ( ), and they are the most amazing shade of electric blue Fleece Artist merino. I'm loving the pattern, the way they fit, the warmth of them. What a fabulous gift! Thank you, Elizabeth! Wow! Now I'll have to make a sweater to go with them...I must have some blue yarn around here...


Elizabeth said...

Oh, you are so very welcome! I enjoyed every minute of knitting them -- they were very, very satisfying. Wear them well, my dear friend!
Love, E

Susan Schrott, Textile Artist said...

Jeri. No one deserves these blue socks, made soooo lovingly by Elizabeth, than YOU. Enjoy them and keep those toes warm.