Thursday, February 05, 2009

Winter Obsession, part 3

I finally finished my deep V-necked raglan version of St Brigid, and sewed in the last end .I'm not sure I like it yet; I'll have to wash and block to see how it really looks, but for now all the parts are connected and the sweater is warm and interesting. It ended up more like a tunic, and is very comfortable and warm on this frigid day, but I still wish I had started it from the top down so I would have more control over the length and such. As it was, I had to re-do the yoke once because it wasn't coming together at the correct rate of decrease( it had to be 16 sts per every other row instead of the usual 8), so after 300 yards of knitting from the armholes up, it had to be frogged and re-done. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have made the V so deep, but it was difficult to judge how it would fall without the yoke being finished. I am tempted to rip it back and re-do it again, but in fact I am ready for it to be done! Which of course means I have to start something new...oh, dear!
Yarn:Nashua Handknits Superwash 7.5 skeins ( 218yds per skein), size 6 needles, color:24


Dorothy said...

Jeri, it's beautiful. Could be the most Celtic garment I've ever seen. It must feel like being draped in thick braids. I love the cabling around the V-neck and bottom edge. DO NOT RIP OUT. The fit looks perfect. (Side view in particular.)

Elizabeth said...

And it's even more gorgeous in person. Beautiful, beautiful sweater, Jeri!

Love, E

Melody said...

I particularly love the Celtic knots in this one, which at first glance I thought were the usual diamonds, but NO, so much more interesting with the curve, just wonderful!