Thursday, July 09, 2009

Leafy Nights part 2

So now I'm in the making blocks mode. It is very relaxing and fun to design and sew all of these blocks. I have to be mindful of all of the possibilities, as I want to scatter the colors around the final quilt, so I need to see all the ones I've already made and try not to repeat color placements. So far I've made 17 blocks. Here they are pinned up on the design wall in the same orientation. This might be a fun arrangement, but I'd probably use this design on point if I were to use it. However it is a bit static. Once I have all 36 blocks made, then I'll have fun arranging them. Looking forward to that is a nice motivator. Chain piecing these makes it easier to keep track of the squares.

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Nina-Marie said...

You know Jeri - I feel the same way about my quilting and art - sometimes I like to make art with all its design problems and sometimes I just want to play with blocks and colors because its fun. I love this project probably because you used my favorite colors but also because you let the traditional blocks speak for themselves without adding anything beyond.