Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Beatitude

This amazing piece was given to me by Teri Lucas, who blogs here: It is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time! I am speechless with amazement! I'm thrilled to own it and certainly it makes my birthday week complete!
Speaking of which, I finished this one for myself: on my birthday, hand dyed fabric, black thread. I'm pleased with it, but after seeing Teri's quilting, I have lots more ideas for the next one!

And my cat joined in the celebration:

Here I am dressed to go out with my dear husband Peter for birthday dinner. Lots of rayon chenille, hand painted and made by Judy Zemel, whose work I adore.

It always amazes me how fast the birthdays come. Every year is fizzing by faster than the year before. I'm so lucky to have a group of marvelous friends who manage to make me feel so special and blessed! This year, I had a surprise celebration, complete with gluten-free cupcakes and presents, with my dear Knitting group friends, who gave me lovely gifts:
Square needles, hand-made stitch markers and a book on thread sculpture! What fun!
As time whizzes by, it is always good to stop and be thankful for the connections and joys I've had through the fiber world and the amazingly beautiful things people make. I am really lucky to be alive at a time when Ravelry ( ) has hit a Million members! and so much good is here on earth. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family!


Sue Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Jeri, you are indeed blessed & look very happy. I love your quilt, the colour & the quilting.

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

Jeri..your birthday photos are wonderful. I am so happy you had such a special day....and Teri's piece is out of this world!