Friday, June 01, 2012

Spring into summer

Our fickle weather has gone from spring right into summer, and back to spring several times already, so it is a challenge to know what to knit next! I have been finishing up two linen sideways cardigans, working on some infinitely boring stockinette pullovers, and playing around with some  fingering weight yarn that I got from the Eileen Fisher Lab store, which is selling some of the excess yarn ( on cones!) from their production. I fell in love with a grey linen and have been enjoying making a lace pentagon cardigan by Brooke Nico from Vogue Knitting Fall 2010 issue. As I am not using the yarn specified, I had to make some changes to the pattern, but it is a lot of fun and I think it will be interesting. The blue yarn is holding the space for the sleeves, which will be inserted when the body is done.
I also heard from a volunteer at Woodland Public Library who has been teaching crafts to students and ran across my website in a search for quilting information. She writes:
One of the girls in my group, Emily, found a great quilting resource during computer time that I thought I'd share with you,
So, I'm passing it along, and I am really proud to share my love of making great things with the next generation! Thanks, Heather and Emily!
Enjoy the weather...

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