Friday, August 02, 2013

Summer Fun

Oh, I have been an absent blogger. I do apologize. With the flurry of Facebuke,Ravelry,email and other sources of communication, it has been my experiment to have a presence there instead, but I find I miss this organized, intimate format more than I had thought I would. The last few months have been busy with so many things, as cats, children ,knitting and life took center stage.

As our 8 year old cat Sha came down with Diabetes, we have been struggling to regulate him with insulin, blood sugar checks ( ear pricks) , dietary manipulation and exercise. He is tough to regulate, and the discipline of shots and worry has been stressful for him and for us. But he is much loved.
2. Because of missing our cat Cinnamon, we have been considering adopting new kittens, and on Father's Day we happened to be in our local pet store when the Guardian Angels Cat Rescue group had an adoption day event. We spent 2 hours there, holding the cats and kittens and talking to the rescue folks,and finally escaped with (only) two adorable 12-week old kittens.

They are certainly keeping us busy. Michael named the kittens: the grey one is Pepper, and she is a very peppy and fearless kitten. Shadow is more timid, having been feral when rescued ( Pepper was born in captivity) but she is warming up, and often shadows Sha, who is amused and sometimes plays with the kittens when he is feeling up to it.
3.Knitting has been my constant comfort and I was thrilled to release my pattern for Raglan Circular Sweater  on May 1st, after a wonderful group of testers knit it and helped make  the pattern easy to follow. I am working on several new ideas, and hope to release patterns sometime soon...If you would like to be a test knitter, just send me an email!
4. There's so much more, but I think that will have to go in another post. Happy Summer, and thanks for reading!

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