Monday, August 21, 2006

Global Warning

Global Warning". 30x30in. After seeing thedevastation of a tornado on the Saw Mill Parkway, watching Al Gore's movie. "An InconvenientTruth" and freaking out about the hurricanes and Katrina, plus the energy crisis, this quilt jumped into mystudio.I used a piece of fabric which I'dsoy wax-batiked and dyed in a weekend retreat with Melanie Testa andElizabeth Poole, and some spiral quilt blocks to represent tornados andhurricanes, but it needed something.My friend Jill's husband gifted me with a human skull he had acquired in medschool, which he decided he didn't want any more. As it is illegal to sellskulls ( apparently), I was thrilled to take it home. I wrapped it inclothes and carefull packed it into my carry-on luggage ( this was Aug 1st,well before the current restrictions, luckily). The face of the cute guybehind the xray scanner was hilarious to watch--his eyes widened as heasked, in hushed tones: "Is that a real human skull!?!" I looked him in theeye and said "Yes; it's ok: I'm a doctor, it is for teaching ".He let methrough without protest.The image of Mr. Skull was exactly what I needed for this piece, so I photographed him and projected the image onto the quilt top.He is quilted in black thread..


paula, the_quilter said...

All I can say is "WOW!". This quilt really affects me. Good job.

Phideaux Xavier I said...

reminds me of a song I love called "Doomsday Afternoon". The lyrics go "All our worries were wrong -- Worse was what had begun..."

Great quilt with flying whirling bits of colour and a tiltawhirl of swirling blue. Does it make you blue?

I never did see that movie, but on a similar note, I subscribe to magazine, New Scientist and every weekly issue is filled with details of yet another ecosystem in danger from human carbonization gone wild.

I hope to meet the quilt and skull very soon.

Salut to you and yours. I hope your cats are cool as cobras in this heat. And meanwhile, when was there a tornado on the saw mill? Are there now tornados in Westchester county? Were there always? I think I would have known if there were while I was growing up...

margaret said...

At first glance the spirals stood out -- but after reading the story of the skull, the skull is all I can see!!