Friday, August 25, 2006

Fiberart For A Cause Postcards

I I decided to spend this week making some postcard sized quilts for the upcoming show and sale of fiberart postcards in Houston this year. Fiberart For A Cause: Supporting the American Cancer Society See: for more information and the story behind this amazing project. Mine used hand dyed velvets, dupioni silk fused to Timtex and stitched with various threads. The fortunes are from fortune cookies I've gotten over the last few years, which I've saved for just this kind of project. I made a bunch of them , and am getting ready to send them in!


Phideaux Xavier I said...

no, you didn't really get a fortune that says "you will turn the scraps of misfortune into a beautiful quilt!"

beautiful cards and I do love that gift tie with an eye. I'm reading now in wikipedia about "finnegan's wake". Apparently, Joyce's patroness, Harriet Shaw Weaver, made a temporary invalid out of Joyce by writing, "I do not care much for the output from your Wholesale Safety Pun Factory nor for the darknesses and unintelligibilities of your deliberately entangled language system. It seems to me you are wasting your genius."

Anyway, lovely postcards in silk and sayings... i hope the numbers come true.

Jeri said...

Yes, I'd love to have a Safety Pun Factory. And that was a real fortune!