Sunday, December 24, 2006

More knitting projects!

The hat obsession continues. Here is one for my brother, who I'll be seeing tomorrow at Christmas at my Mom's house. I hope he likes it...

And this is a lace sweater I knit over the summer in bright yellow green and blue silk yarn. I never could bring myself to wear it because the color was overwhelming. Last night I overdyed it with blue, and now it is drying. I think this one will definitely be wearable.
Happy Holidays to all!


Melissa said...

Jeri, although you spent all this time kniiting this lace top in a color you didn't even like at the time, what a beautiful job you did! Now it look unbelievable. I hope you can enjoy wearing it!

KnitMoka said...

The sweater is gorgeous! It looked like a solid dark blue until enlarged. What a lovely color combination. You're getting me thinking about lace for sure!