Saturday, December 23, 2006

Goddess of Knitting With Cats

My friend Elizabeth Rosenberg ( ( and ) initiated "The Goddess Project" and encouraged her friends to create quilts reflecting their own favorite Goddesses.

Because my two cats are always rearranging things in my studio, lying on my latest quilt, helping me wind yarn, sitting on my lap and otherwise being a big part of my life, I decided to play with that theme, so I pulled out all the cat fabric I had and went to work. The shape of the Goddess was given by Elizabeth, but I wanted mine to be wearing a furry dress, surrounded by her minions, lost in the fiber frenzy
that sometimes is my life.

The ball of yarn appeared and the cats were delighted to play with it. I knitted her a vest on tiny needles and added some quilting for foliage in the background. Her name is Perdita: Lost Goddess of Knitting With Cats. Here is a detail so you can see the stitching. The background fabric is hand dyed by me.


Anonymous said...


This quilt amazes me, I hope someday my skills are high enough that I create something amazing and beautiful like this....


About Susan Schrott said...

Jeri..your Goddess quilt is just phenomenal. Everything about screams YOU!.

SparklySpiralGirl said...

That is absolutely the coolest thing EVER!!! Beautiful, almost makes me want to learn to quilt... LOL