Friday, December 25, 2009

Kaitlin's Scarf

Here is Kaitlin's Scarf. A Double Moss , 2x2 cable , which is completely reversible.
Here is the pattern:
2 skeins of Misti Alpaca chunky, on size 11 needles,
3 stitch markers ( the safety-pin kind work best), cable needle.
Use the 3rd stitch marker as a row marker to keep track of when to cable next by hanging it off one of the selvedge loops. As the scarf is reversible, it makes it easier to tell when you are on the correct side for cabling if you don't want to look at the pattern, and then you can just read your knitting instead of counting rows. Also,I knit the first stitch of every row and slip the last stitch with yarn in front to make a chained edge.
57 X 6 1/2 inches
SM= slip marker
Cast on 24 stitches. Place a marker after stitch 8 and after stitch 16.
Row1: * K2,P2* 11 times,P1, Slip 1 with yarn in front.
Row 2: K1,*K2,P2* 11 times, slip1, WYIF
Row 3: K1, P1, K2,P2,K2, SM,*K2, P2 * twice, SM, P2, K2, P2, K1, S1 wyif
Row 4: K1, p1, K2,P2,K2, SM, *,K2,P2* twice, SM,P2, K2, P2, K1,S1 wyif
Row 5:: same as row 1
Row 6: same as row 2
Row 7: same as row 3
Row 8:K1,P1,K2,P2,K2,SM,place first four sts on cable needle, hold to front. Knit2,P2, then K2,P2 from Cable needle, SM, P2,K2,P2,K1,S1wyif
Mark the row you cable on to make it easier to keep track, and repeat rows 1-8 for pattern . Cast off in pattern, weave in ends, block and enjoy.
On this scarf, I actually cabled every 6 rows, but I think it is easier to keep track of on every 8 rows, and makes a looser cable.


Melody Johnson said...

That is a sensational scarf and pattern. I have to try this reversible cable.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try this! But row two seems to be missing one stitch. What do you think? Or is it me?

Jeri Riggs said...

Oh, dear, you are correct! Row 2 should be: K1,(K2,P2) 11 times, slip 1 wyif. Thanks for catching that!

Jeri Riggs said...

Row 2 is now correct. Thank you, Anonymous!