Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Snow days are often fun, if you have a warm house and some knitting to keep you sane. Here is what it looks like outside after a bit of shoveling:
Thank goodness for teenage boys willing to shovel!

And with a sense of humor....
Meanwhile, in other news,

A pineapple fruit has sprouted and is growing in my greenhouse!
I started this plant at least 3 years ago by cutting off the top of a purchased pineapple and putting it in a bunch of dirt....
And of course some knitting is going on. I am reknitting Ingrid Cardigan in a different gauge yarn and writing the pattern for 5 sizes. I am almost ready to release it to the world. My first test knitter has started hers also, with a different cable. You can see her just finished beautiful alpacarina sweater here:
So here is my new one:

front view

Back view

Shoulder view.
Now, back to knit some more...


Ingrid said...

Wow, its really pretty in blue, Jeri! Let me make a guess: You like it more than the white one!?! :-))
Testknitter Ingrid

Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Ah, blue!
Gotta love a teenager with a sense of humor. Good boy!