Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Laughing Matter

It is snowing again. Big, fluffy flakey clumps. Slippery and cold. An hour later, more snow:
I am sooo dissappointed, as I was planning to visit Maine for some fibery fun with friends and the group NETA, New England Textile Arts. I finished writing up my pattern for Ingrid Cardigan ( available at, but you have to sign up and be a member. Totally worth it if you love yarn, though, as it is like Facebook for Knitters and Crocheters, only better! And free! I'm Knitbird on there, btw) so I could show off the finished sweater and have some context, but it is not to be.
Meanwhile,inside, my pineapple is growing and orchids are flowering:
And I'm in the home stretch of Ingrid #2:

So, time to start a new quilt, right?
This one is for a friend, and it is a Tesselation Sampler:
Of course, at the moment it looks random, but I have faith that it will develop into something interesting!
At least I'm distracted from the snow and the rain....

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Sue Dennis said...

Pineapple is growing slowly but hope you can eat the fruit when it is warm again. So much snow & so different to what I'm seeing looking out my front yard- tropical plants.