Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Deer Deer

Last Thursday, the cats and I were mesmerized by this baby deer who hung out in our back yard for several hours.
It was accompanied by its mother, a considerably larger creature!
They were amazing to watch.

Their ears swiveled with the slightest sound, and they stood still as statues. The cats were very intent on watching them, and so was I. Eventually they ran off , and I could finish my sweater:

Now I have to block, obtain a zipper, sew it in and all will be well!


Anne said...

Great photos of the dear and little doe......

Gorgeous job on the sweater -- it's lovely.

Sue Dennis said...

Oh deer, they are so cute...Your knitting is amazing.

RenateS. said...

Your pics of the deer are lovely. Unfortunately, I was unable to get photos of the two bucks and a doe with two fawns that were eating and playing outside my living room window. There was no way of getting outside to take photos since they would have heard me. I had never seen a buck and doe together, yet alone two bucks.

I love your cardigan. It looks like it was a lot of work.

MrHugzzz said...

Amazing work Jeri. Thanks for letting me know it was done.
Hugzzz 8-)

Porch Days said...

Isn't it a treat to see the deer up close like that? I can understand why they distracted you from your knitting.