Monday, June 14, 2010

Wild Life

We have had a lot of visitors to the back yard lately! One morning we awoke to the sound of crows cawing, and looked out to see this beautiful red fox in the yard:
And of course, it is deer delivery season
This was a very wobbly speckled baby, and it was adorable to watch it try to follow the mother, until you think of the devastation of the gardens and the rampant Lyme disease in our area...Sigh. What is one to do? Knit!
Here is progress being made on St Margaret, which will be ready for publication on Ravelry by the end of the month! I can hardly wait to wear this cardigan especially since I thought it needed pockets. I used an I-cord cast-on across the held 30 sts, and it looks like a continuation of the cable, so I am pleased with this result.As I only have one skein of yarn in the right dyelot left after this one, I will use the non-matching dyelot for the inside of the pockets so I can get as much length as I need.I'm still mulling over whether to put a braid cable around the bottom or finish it with ribbing. I love the top down process, where I can adapt the knitting to my wishes! 

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Anonymous said...

I linked through to your blog via Anne B's blog. This design is stunning and may have to be my first top down project. My two cents' worth: do a braid cable around the hem to compliment the cuffs and front/neck bands. Congratulations; now I'm off to explore your other designs!
Pru in VA