Saturday, March 26, 2011

No pain, no gain

I suppose pain is inevitable; despair is optional. With lots of physical therapy, icing, heat, naprosyn and resting, I finally finished my own Metamorphosis cardigan sweater. It always amazes me how pain free I can be during the knitting, but when I stop, owie owie. Very bizarre. But I am finished, and I love it. I may never take it off.I love how the sleeves bell out slightly, and the length is great, and it is warm but light.
Thanks to Andrea and the Metamorphosis group for encouragement, ideas and support!

Meanwhile, I am packing to move house, and trying to sell, so it is important not to make a mess in my studio. Which is really hard for me. But I started a quilt a few years ago, and it is a quilting rather than piecing project, so all I need is the machine and some thread. Of course, time is always important. Perhaps tomorrow I will give you a peek at it.


Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sweater by my favorite knitter.

I can't wait to get a peek at the quilt you're working on!

norma said...

Your sweater is gorgeous, Jeri! I love the style and it fits you to a T. About that blue orchid, do you think it was dyed, like green carnations? Either way it is stunning.