Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Art Doll 2

Well, the crazy quilt was a lot of fun to make, but when I finished it, I found it was too stiff to curve nicely ( I'd used dupioni silk, velvet, fusing, a base fabric and metallic embroidery). And I just couldn't bear to cut it up to fit. As I've been lately obsessed with knitting, that seemed a logical choice, as I could certainly create a fabric that would curve and form fit. I got out my favorite ocean themed colors: blues, greens, a bit of flash and sparkle and thought about fish scales and began knitting a 60 stitch panel on #10.5 needles. This was really fun choosing colors and textures and mixing chenilles, rayon , ribbon yarns, etc. Halfway through my arm muscles screamed bloody murder so I had to stop . Today I finished it and three needle bound it off into a tube, sewed up the tail and tried it on. Photos later when blogger decides to work!

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