Saturday, April 29, 2006

Studio Tour-before

I've spent the last week cleaning my studio in preparation for Rivertown Arts Council Studio Tour , which starts today. This is the 13th year of the tour, and now there are 50 artists on it, in 3 towns. We open our studios to the community, and then have a big party afterwards. It is kicked off by an exhibition in the Municipal building, and advertized in all the local papers. There is a website with directions, and maps are distributed in the towns.
Cleaning my studio was a momentous job. The before photos don't reveal the depths of my shame ( or maybe they do!). I use the archeological dig method of filing, so it is like a trip through time to uncover all of the layers of stuff. Interestingly, I find the bottom layer on my desk corresponds to the last time I was on the tour ( 3 years ago!). Maybe I should do this more often?

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PaMdora said...

Hey Jerri, your studio looks great! No wonder people were impressed and enjoyed the tour. Isn't it great to have a clean studio. I can't work in a mess, I get all stressed out and don't know what to work on if I've got too much in front of me. But I cleaned really really good last March, so still enjoying the benefits!