Thursday, April 27, 2006

Diamond Sweater

After a really long time it seems, I 've finished the Diamond Sweater that I started after the Olympics ended. Was it only a month ago? Seems like longer, since now the garden is blooming and deer are eating my pansies. This mitered diamond sweater was so much fun, module by module, choosing colors and trying for a random but not too random distribution of colors. I had a few colors of tweeds to begin with, but got bored and felt limited early on, so I used some Noro Kureyon and dyed some white tweed to get a broader selectionof tones, keeping with the same side of the colorwheel. I love the result, and was so eager to finish it, I wore it to a meeting last night with the right sleeve cuff still on the needles! ha ha, we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours on the Henry Hudson Parkway, so I managed to finish the cuff and bind off, too! This was on the way to drop off the doll at the Folk Art Museum, and meet with the Manhattan Quilters Guild. We got to the meeting, late, but glad to be there and it was lovely to enjoy such exciting quilts by some of our members. Today I sewed on buttons, and now, naturally, it is 72 degrees, so I might be able to wear this in the evenings only for a short time. And now--I've come to the reason why folks often have several things in progress simultaneously--what to make now?! I find myself looking still at tweed, thinking new colors would go great with this jacket--but now it is done, so I've got to start something new. There is that blue alpaca coat, but it is really too warm to work on that, and there are lots of ideas going on, but i'm starting to think about socks. Oh, horrors! Socks? Why knit socks?? They are worn on stinky feet, wear out, need washing, tiny needles...but still, a challenge I haven't mastered. I'll give it some thought.
t mastered is always a good one. And of course I have sock yarn, in blues and greens...well, I'll have to give it some thought.
Meanwhile, what can I do with all of that leftover tweed?


WesWhiner said...

Jeri, what a great sweater. I love your color sense!

Mrs. Mel said...

May I be the first to congratulate you on the lovely diamond patch sweater. It looks fantastic. Now is it blocked yet?
When I made mine I didn't wet block and now I think I should. I wore it several times but the wool/mohair/silk combo sheds everywhere and made a mess. Perhaps a good wet block would calm down the fibers.
I ramble.
I love this sweater and should really make it again.

Jeri said...

Thank you for the comments, Mel and Diane! I do plan to wet block it, but now I'm attempting to clean my studio for an open house tomorrow! Yikes. And it really is a big mess. So for now, unblocked. But it isn't shedding, and I am getting really fond of wool, which I never thought I would.....

Jennie said...

OMGosh, Jeri. It's just gorgeous! Will you please post the pattern source & yarn? Wonderful.