Saturday, March 13, 2010

Math is Everywhere

Lately I've been thinking a lot about math. The amazing spiral produced by my pineapple plant ( with purple flowers!) follows the Fibonacci number sequence ( ) and is just lovely. I finished the top of the Tessellation Sampler, which is a quilting exploration of semi-regular tessellations for the next mathematics and needlework book from the group that brought us "Mathematics in Needlework". See my post from 2008 for details about that wonderful book ( ).

And of course, there is knitting! I finished my second Ingrid Cardigan, this time in blue : yarn:Trendsetter Merino VIII, needle size 8. A very wearable and lovely sweater in my favorite shade of blue!
Pattern available in my Ravelry Store ( , Jeri Rigged Designs).

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Jeri said...

A reader shared this additional resource for Fibonacci numbers with us, saying"I have been using material from this page, It has a ton of great fun Fibonacci resources that you and your users may find useful!" Thanks, Lauren!