Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Ahead!

Spring has sprung upon us, with sunny skies and warm sunshine. Bulbs are springing up all over my yard. Time to get the deer fence up again, and break out the spring sweaters. I knit and designed this sweater which I called Column of Leaves Cardigan in 2007, and have enjoyed wearing it . Folks have been asking for the pattern, but it always seemed way beyond my skills to write up.Funny how things can be easier to do than to describe, but the problem is sizing it for other people! Because of the nature of the construction I used ( seamless yoke) and the lace pattern, it is almost a different sweater and has to be figured out anew for each size. But I loved how the back came together:
So I've been crunching out the numbers, making charts, swatching and making little paper models to figure out the sizing and I think I've almost nailed it! Then it is off to my test knitters, and hopefully I can publish it soon....
In other news, my son returned from college with is stuff which is now in boxes all over the living room. What does he have? Here is one box of treasures:
He can actually solve all of those! Amazing!


Karen said...

I've never been able to solve a Rubik's cube in my life!!! Kudos to him!

Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Your sweater is gorgeous . . . I love it more now than when I first saw it! You know you can do the pattern writing, you can, you can, you can! And you will be famous (oh, never mind, you already are) and you will be rich!

Michael looks very happy. What a great big smile!

Love ya,

Pat said...

YEAH for college!!

Your sweaters are gorgeous! I love the way the patterns all run throughout the sweater, and how they all seem to fit with your design. Perfect!