Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a dark and stormy night, and I woke up to this trampoline in my back yard on Sunday, the 14th.
Our whole neighborhood lost power on Saturday,and all the roads in and out were blocked , and I had a cold, so it was really crazy. Trees down all over the place,
but luckily my house was fine ( remember that big tree we cut down last November???Thank goodness...)My neighbor's trampoline flew like the house in the Wizard of Oz and landed in the spot where that tree used to be! We finally got power back last night. It was really cold in the house, down to 45 degrees and I  had to wear gloves and my UGGs in the house so my fingers and toes wouldn't freeze. And all the frozen food got warm and melted. A good time to clean out the fridge by candle light.And it was almost  too cold to knit! And too dark to cook on the gas stove. About 7 years ago, during a bad power outage,we got a generator, but hadn't used it since. It came in handy this time, but was very expensive and noisy to run on propane..

so we couldn't use the generator for long ( one tank is about 4 hours and
cost $18...).Yesterday and today it was like camping. Nice warm shower, but
freezing cold bathroom!
We were, on the whole, lucky in my neighborhood. Our neighbor's beautiful pine tree fell down right beside the house:

And luckily missed it entirely. But we lost power because of a fallen oak up the street. Con Ed did a great job getting 2 new poles installed and things hooked up last night, 3 days after we lost power, so that is a huge relief. Things could have been much worse.I'm really greatful for power! It is nice to read my email ,blog, sew, run the dishwasher, shower in the light and even watch some TV! So much of current life depends on electricity.  Knitting was possible, but difficult by candlelight, and with gloves on!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Benedicte said...

Did the pineapple survive the high winds?! I am glad you did not have any damage in your house. It looks like a war zone out there. Wow!
Warm up now and take care of your cold and I sing in gratitude that you are safe and sound.

Sue Dennis said...

Glad to hear your home survived unscathed & that you are well. When we lose power here, due to storms & cyclones, it really makes me appreciate the things we take for granted.

Melody Johnson said...

How scary to have that trampoline land in your yard. eek.
I know far too well about trees falling on power lines. Ours have been the culprit twice. Good thing we aren't charged for the events.
It's great to have the power back on isn't it?