Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Well, it is in the last few hours of the big day! I was frantically trying to figure out what would be worthy of knitting for the Olympics. I've signed up to represent Team Wales due to my Welsh background, my level of Wales and also my infatuation with Brenda Dayne of the Cast ON Podcast ( ). Over the last few weeks I've been swatching yarns, collecting patterns, obsessing about what to do ,and dithering. Finally yesterday, I made a date with my friend Benedicte ( )to go to a local yarn store that is going out of business and having a 25% off sale. this yarn store is a huge store which has been in business for 85 years so it's kind of sad and bittersweet to go digging through their inventory and load up on great yarns, but someone's got to do it and help them out!! Oh dear; I spent way too much money but I got some beautiful yarn which I think will be just perfect for this kind of project. I came home, wound up a few skeins and finally I'm ready to cast on. I think this will be my fourth diagonal sweater, and I probably won't be a with finish it by the end of the Olympics but heck it's worth a try. The yarn is a beautiful, and quite expensive hand dyed Merino UNIKAT. Here's a picture. Well I'm off to the races!!

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