Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

Here are the back and front views of Olympic sweater progress so far.I'm having a lot of fun with this and playing around with the colors a bit. I might have to rip out the front part though, as the colors are rather too homogeneous. We'll see tomorrow!
It is hard to count and knit at the same time, I'm finding! I might have to revert to center spine mitered squares for the next one. LOL. That is the addiction of knitting--always one more thing to try. Go, Team Wales!

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colin said...

Thank you for comment on my blog.
Yes, I was diagnosed with FMS. However, the neuro I saw said he didn't like the name. He says it is a neurological disorder which they don't know enough about. He understands why it is called FMS but doesn't like the term.
whatever, it is a pain! My main problems are with walking. Have used sticks and wheelchair for 2 years now.
It could be worse tho I do cope well and refuse to let it control me.

I have to go to a disability tribunal tomorrow to have a lawyer, doctor and disabled rights worker decide if I am disabled or not!
I love your work! Your email addy on your website isn't compltee as I tried to email you.