Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Progress

I spent way too much time yesterday knitting. I was knitting along on my diagonal sweater, and suddenly it hit me it might be really fun to put mitered squares in along the rows. It was getting kind of boring just knitting straight stockinette, even with an occasional garter stitch row thrown in and suddenly the puzzle of how to fit squares in and makes the directions of them work properly inspired me and I just had to see if it would come out the way I was thinking it might. I did a couple of squares and had to rip the whole thing out because I had not anticipated the orientation of the miters. I was trying to make the entire thing one continuous thread but I realized I would have to cut the yarn at various points in order to get the squares to fit in properly. I actually got so involved with this that I watched a whole bunch of the Olympics while I was doing it!! I figured if those for bruised skiers could ski feeling that badly I could knit even though my hands are starting to cramp up. Not as badly as usual-- maybe the flax seed oil is helping a bit. So here's a photo of my work so far. It's a 25 stitch starting row,with a s1K2togpsso in the middle on even rows,and a garter ridge on alternate purl sides.YikesI had to look at three different books and pattern to come up with squares that would make me happy.And the pressure is on because of theOlympic time limit so I couldn't spend a lot of time making swatches and learningtoo many new techniques. I am intrigued by Iris Schreier's new book " Modular Knits", but didn't have time to figure it out to my satisfaction. Onwards to victory! Team Wales needs us!

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