Sunday, February 19, 2006

Making Progress

I am delighted to be making progress on my sweater. It has become a consuming entity; so much so that I dreamed last night that I was very upset to find myself having time to wait and not having brought it to work on. I've divided for the sleeves, and working down the body. I decided to try adding another row of mitered squares, but the math was a bit different, so I'm making 14/13 stitch squares instead of 13/12's. It is a fine puzzle to figure out where to place these and how to orient them correctly, and it's fun to see what happens with the yarn color as it goes along. Even if I don't finish by next weekend, I will have had fun working on this. For me, that is the point entirely.
Today I'm going into the City to meet up with fellow knitters at Knit New York. On the way I'm planning to stop for Vindaloo spice on Lexington Ave, as we are nearly out of the first batch. Yum!Although it is very cold today. I'll have to wear lots of wollies, now won't I? As Brenda says ( )"If you're cold, put on a sweater. That's what they are for"...
Yesterday I was struck with my need for a new knitting bag with a zipper to schlep to the City, so I spent most of the day making one. Turned out really cool, although I limited myself to stash on hand and not all of it matched exactly. I restrained myself from going to the fabric store! Aren't you proud of my ingenuity?LOL... I figure those green handles will make it easy to find in the dark. And the furry fringe was just because. So, its off to drink more coffee and get the kids up.

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