Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wonderful Winter Weekend

I spent the full moon weekend at Melanie's house( ) playing with soy wax batik and knitting. I was going to work on my Olympic sweater for Team Wales, but got sidetracked by my other WIP: a blue alpaca top-down raglan cardigan. We had fun with Elizabeth ( ) doing the sleeves on her fabulous Kafe Fasset intarsia sweater ( and showing me how to knit in those pesky ends : thankyou! )It was an inspirational and inspired weekend!With a sweatshirt, fleece vest and lab coat with towel over the shoulder and 2 sets of gloves it was perfectly comfortable in the basement ( and plenty of wine, of course!).I had such fun and Melanie is the perfect hostess. Here is the fabric after washout, drying in the basement . I worked on soda-soaked and dried fabric, monoprinting, direct painting and using soy wax at different times to see what would happen. It was lots of fun! We knit in the cozy kitchen during the mealtimes, and I got a lot done. I love alpaca for its warmth and softness, and decided I could catch up onmy Olympic knitting when I got home. I didn't really believe it would snow so much--but we spent lots of time digging out on Sunday. Good exercise! I was sore for 2 days afterwards...but it was a great time.
Here is my blue sweater at this point.

Now I'm home, and back to knitting my other sweater. Progress so far...not much. Today it was warm and sunny, and I had to knit a bunch. Luckily my hands are tolerating this so far, but RSI lurks around the corner so I have to be careful. I'm wondering if I can put some mitered squares in it somehow, so that is my project for today. Wish me luck!

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Melly n David said...

You are so great! Yes. it is cold down there! I had on my normal everyday hoodie, a fleece vest, my lab coat and silk thermals under my pants. I am used to it though. Thanks for putting up with and doing such great work! see you and your cloth on Tuesday! I haven't knit since, but I will don't worry!